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 Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 2

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Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 2   Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 2 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2008 6:57 pm

BISER: What juice do you use when you want to detoxify heavily?

SCHULZE: Wheat grass is great. It can detoxify when some people don't get a detoxification any more from anything. Or, when they've used a few herbs and they think they are clean.

I remember my own story. I thought I was very clean. It was after I spent six months at Dr. Jensen's eating only raw food and juice fasting and years after I had healed my heart.
I started drinking wheat grass, an ounce a day, then two ounces a day, then three ounces a day, and then four ounces a day, and I got up to eight ounces one morning and I remember feeling horrible - and I started vomiting.
It was just too strong of a dose, but at that point, wheat grass started creating all sorts of cleansing in my body - of old things I remembered I had. It finally cleaned them out and brought them to the surface.

BISER: What do you mean "old things'?

SCHULZE: Well, when I started cleaning out my bowel years earlier, my hemorrhoids went away and I hadn't noticed any hemorrhoids for years.

Then - in the middle of this wheat grass purge, the hemorrhoids flared up again - and it wasn't because I was having diarrhea or straining or anything.
I think it was because there were small capillaries there that were still blocked, and that wheat grass was cleaning them out.
I started noticing things with my bronchials and my sinuses, and all sorts of problems that I had cleared away. But now they were kind of coming back again.
When you do a really good final cleansing and healing, a lot of your oldest problems come back, but just for a few days - as you clear them out.

So I noticed some tremendous differences in my skin, and to this day I still drink wheat grass. People always come up to me and say, "Your skin looks so great." I get this comment all the time, so I know that it's really done some good work inside me.
How to make wheatgrass juice to detoxify yourself.

BISER: What does a reader have to know to get going on this? It sounds powerful.

SCHULZE: They might have to grow their own wheat grass, and actually purchase a wheat grass juicer, or something they can juice with. If they don't have a wheat grass juicer, just soak the wheat grass in water and blend it up in your blender and drink it, grass and all.

Anybody can grow wheat. You grow wheat and it just grows into grass. You can grow it yourself. It's very easy to grow yourself. You just buy wheat, and you take organic wheat kernels, and you soak them for a few days until they actually sprout.
You can soak them for about 24 hours and then put them into a damp cotton cloth for another two or three days, until the wheat sprouts, and then you can just make them like other sprouts. Rinse them in water two or three times a day until they have tails on them about an inch long, and then you can go ahead and plant them right in the soil.

Some people plant them right away and then just keep the soil damp the first couple of days, and you grow your own wheat grass. Now you have what looks like your front lawn in a tray in your house.
What do you do with it? Well, you can run it through your juicer. A lot of people think you have to have a wheat grass juicer. A wheat grass juicer just gets more juice out of the wheat grass. There are hand-operated ones and there are electric ones. The hand-operated wheat grass juicers are about $70-80, and the electric ones are usually $300, but you could run the wheat grass right through your Champion juicer.

You can just cut it up and even soak it with water and put it in a blender. I've had many patients in areas just take the wheat grass, cut it up and put it in a blender, fill that blender with water and blend it up and you'll get a greenish water.
Or, you can run it through your juicer with other things like carrots, and it gets caught up in your juicer.

So wheat grass is something that everybody should consider as a medicinal cleansing and building juice, very bitter tasting. Start out with a little bit. I suggest people start out with an ounce a day and don't take it on its own. I like an ounce of wheat grass with 16 ounces of fresh carrot juice. It just gives the carrot juice a little greenish tint and it's very palatable.

There is also what I consider the wheat grass cocktail, which is a base of apple juice with, say, about 12 ounces of apple juice, a couple of ounces of lemon juice, a thumb size piece of ginger and an ounce of wheat grass.
One thing that is very interesting, is that lemon and lime tend to cover up the taste of wheat grass, which is good because a lot of people find it very strong to eat or drink, and lemon especially seems to cover up the taste.
The watermelon flush for the kidneys. If you need it, you will be urinating fire.

BISER: What do you do with juices for the kidneys?

SCHULZE: I use two different things, one a vegetable, parsley, and the other, a fruit, watermelon.
I tell my patients to sit down for dinner and instead of dinner, crack open and eat a whole watermelon.

QUESTION: Is this one of those wellness things or does it really cure?

SCHULZE: Oh, my gosh. I was down at Dr. Jensen's and they had some organic watermelon and I said "Okay, I'm just going to have watermelon tonight." I cracked open one, about the size of a basketball, and I ate that really quick, and I thought I want another one, so I ate one of those red-meated ones, and I basically went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up, and when I urinated it was like urinating fire. It burnt my prostate, my pen_s- it was so painful I was moaning in the bathroom.
Watermelon juice, watermelon itself and watermelon seeds are all diuretic and disinfecting. When you're juicing the watermelon, a lot of people just juice the meat, but you want to juice the rind too.
The rind has the minerals. You run it through the Champion juicer. You run the watermelon and the rind right through there, and it is delicious. You can taste the salt, the sodium, in the rind, and the minerals in the rind - very cleansing to the kidneys.

BISER: Why do people eat watermelon and not get any kidney cleansing, or kidney cures?

SCHULZE: I think because they don't juice the rind, and I think that a lot of the watermelons today are seedless. And I would suggest that people do not buy the seedless. Juice the watermelon, seeds and all.

"Make parsley juice - not parsley tea. It's a whole lot more healing."

BISER: I thought parsley was just one of these feel good, wellness herbs. Not for heavy curing.

SCHULZE: No, it's an intense one. The problem is that people only make tea out of it. When you just pour boiling water over dried parsley you're going to get a little bit of the essential oils.
Now, if you use fresh parsley and grind it in a Champion juicer, it's a lot more intense.

It's like the herb plantain. Dr. Christopher talks about plantain for blood poisoning. You can make a little plantain tea, or mash up a plantain leaf. Or, you can take plantain and run it right through the juicer. If you've got blood poisoning, who the heck wants to worry about making plantain teas with a little boiling water over it?
Get it through the juicer and get yourself two or three ounces of plantain juice. I've done that.
Juice radishes to cleanse the liver.

SCHULZE: If you want to add a juice in to stimulate the liver more, all the radishes work real well.

Some people talk about the black radishes, or other kinds, but you can use the red radishes and even use wild radishes you have growing wild in the United States. Remember, where you have mustard growing, you also have wild radish growing.
You can even pick the pods off, or use the radish leaves or sprouts, but radishes of all types stimulate the liver and clean it out. As far as bad digestion, I've seen a lot of people helped in their digestion with celery and cabbage juices.

BISER: You mean cabbage juice doesn't cause gas?

SCHULZE: No. Cabbage is a great cleanser and healer to the digestive tract. I've seen a lot of people with ulcers and digestive problems have great results drinking cabbage and celery juice.
Cabbage juice is excellent and I've had patients drink about 8 ounces of cabbage juice a day in one ounce doses. It can be mixed with other juices too. The celery juice works really nice to cool the system, especially with ulcerative conditions.

It's important with vegetables, but especially fruit, if you're not getting organic, you need to wash it. Use a little bit of soap and water, a good natural soap and even a scrub brush, because most of the sprays and things are put right on the fruit themselves.

Leukemia: A man regenerates his bone marrow with months of juice-fasting.

SCHULZE: I had a man with leukemia. He had fairly severe leukemia. He had undergone a couple different treatments and a couple shots of chemotherapy. He felt so horrible, he said that dying would be better than his experience on the chemotherapy.
He quit the chemotherapy, and came to me right away. He wanted to do something quite radical and I turned him onto juice fasting. He really got into it.

The first month he didn't get any better. In fact, some of his blood counts were even worse. Then, he ate a little bit of raw foods, took a break for about a week. Then he went back onto a juice fast and the second month he was stabilizing and some of his blood counts were coming up. Then he went back on some raw foods and health building.

Then we went into a third month of juice fasting - and that's when we really saw the big changes.
His blood chemistry changed dramatically. He didn't start really showing the cancer changing greatly until the end of the second month and into the third month, but, by the fourth to fifth month he was clean.

BISER: Why do you think in the first month his blood counts got worse.

SCHULZE: Well, I think because he was so sick. He had spent 40 years - he was about 55 years old - but he spent about 40 of those years basically trying to kill himself.

BISER: What do you mean, trying to kill himself?

SCHULZE: Well, you know with his food program, no exercise, high cholesterol, family history...

BISER: You mean the numbers had a downward trend and you couldn't stop them, right?

SCHULZE: Yes, and a lot of people expect that, the minute they take three herb capsules and stop eating for a day, their disease is going to start to go away.

BISER: What juices did you use to build his blood?

SCHULZE: When people are thinking about building that blood, I like beets and beet greens. So go to your organic market, but make sure you get your greens.

In some studies, I've seen the beets and beet greens analyzed. They have three times the iron in the beet greens than in a beet root, and sometimes, I've seen it the other way around. But greens are loaded with different minerals than the beets have. Together, they are a perfect food.

The beet and the beet greens, added to the carrot juice, is the one that I use with patients that have had either a lot of blood loss due to surgical trauma, or from cancer, where the body won't build blood any more.
When you start getting that beet and beet greens in, along with the carrot juice, you see a big change. Now if you want to build the blood, the extra juices to remember, the fruit ones, are the dark blue, red and purple - that would be raspberries, blackberries and blueberries or prunes, plums and cherries - these are all the super blood builders.
They are loaded with iron, and you start getting a blue purple juice, and you start drinking that, and now you have the fruit blood builders.

(See part 3 of this interview here)

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Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 2
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