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 Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 3

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Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 3 Empty
PostSubject: Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 3   Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 3 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2008 6:55 pm

Getting children to drink healthy juices.

BISER: How do you get kids to get on juices for their health?

SCHULZE: The way I got the kids started was making apple juice in the juicer - and just throwing one carrot through.
You start out with about 90 percent apple and 10 percent carrots and the kids will eventually start drinking that like it's perfect. When they really get used to it, then go up to 20 percent of carrot and 80 percent apple and just work that ratio till you get it about 50-50.
A lot of people might say that is a vegetable and a fruit combination, but every juice specialist seems to agree that the one food combining exception with fruits and vegetables is carrot with apple.

Juices help thin people gain weight.

BISER: Wouldn't a juice fast be bad for people who are underweight?

SCHULZE: No - it's how I brought people's weight back, even when they had AIDS.

I had a man come to see me that had a complete turn around and he had a T-cell count which would fluctuate between five and twenty-five, depending on when they took it. That's about as low as it gets.
He had loads of opportunistic AIDS infections. We started him on juice fasting right away.
This is one I want to talk about - because he was quite thin and a lot of people think "I can't juice fast or I'll lose weight”. I've had people gain weight on juice fasting and this man was one of them.

He started juice fasting and started gaining weight and people asked, "How is that?" It's very simple. A lot of food that people eat, they can't assimilate. When you are sick, your digestion, your assimilation and elimination doesn't work very well. But, you start putting juices in your body, and you'll see the weight come back. This is why I call juices "the natural healers IV."--it's like a hospital I.V. naturally. Within a couple of weeks, from juices and the other programs I used, the man's T-cell count was over a thousand.

BISER: How much weight did he gain?

SCHULZE: I think he gained about 15 pounds in the first couple months, and he was mainly on a liquid diet.

BISER: You would think he'd lose twenty-five pounds.

SCHULZE: Absolutely. But now he was getting nutrition that he couldn't get, so I think the main thing I've really come to see is that juice fasting builds blood, and I believe personally that it turns on the bone marrow.
Fresh citrus juices with their rind are great liver cleansers

SCHULZE: The bitter oils in citrus are big time liver cleansers. They disinfect and create more bile flow. And you have to get in the rind, which contains pectin. Run that rind through your juicer or your Vita-Mix.

I look at citrus more as kidney and liver cleaning. It's also very effective for cleaning the blood and joints, like with arthritis.
Removing parasites with fruits.

SCHULZE: I remember my first bowel cleanse, because I didn't know about herbs yet. I drank two quarts of apples, fresh squeezed apple juice, and a quart of fresh made prune juice.
Not only did I have parasites, but I had casing from my colon. I also had all sorts of dark flecks of things of old come out of my bowel. That was my first bowel cleanse.

BlSER: Just from fruit?

SCHULZE: Just from fruit.

BISER: But you took more of it. Most people don't take enough to cause parasites or anything else to come out.

SCHULZE: No, they don't. Take two quarts of apple and a quart of prune as your juice for the day on a juice fast and you will notice a dramatic bowel cleanse.

You can also make fig water by just taking figs and putting them in a blender with water. The problem is that a lot of people eat dried prunes and dried figs. They are constipating.
On a juice fast you should only have the juices that come out of the juicer. You should have no pulp at all. The pulp that's in most fruit is fiber that's not digestible. All it does in a juice fast is it might cause your digestive tract to work a little bit more.

BISER: Okay, so a juicer would be slightly preferable.

SCHULZE: Yes, it would. If you're doing your fast to really shut down your digestive tract and to really put all your body's energy into healing something, yes- avoid the pulp.
However, if you are using a juice fast to clean your bowel out, you're better off with the pulp, because it activates the digestive system, and, of course, this will give you bowel movements
The number one mistake people make on a juice fast.

BISER: Why do so many people fail to get results on juice-fasting?

SCHULZE: It's because they don't cleanse their colon before they do it. Every day, have that bowel flushed out, and a person might want to use herbs for a couple of days and then do it with enemas; see the difference; see what happens and experiment that way.

High enemas are also something to do during a juice fast, to get all the pulp and solid bits out of our system and they work very nice too. But, the main thing is, during a fast you need to have your bowels work every day. They don't have to work necessarily three times a day.

With some people they're bowels will work seven times a day, depending on the person, but those who have a tendency towards slower, sluggish, sleepy bowels, they can go on a fast for a week and not have a bowel movement at all, so they don't want to do that.
Use powdered super foods during a fast.

SCHULZE: Fasting can be even more powerful when people maximize their nutrition. Super nutrition can cause the body to detoxify more by flushing your body with vitamins and minerals and it can also build your blood faster.

So, I always suggest people add super foods to their juice fast. Some of the best ones are spirulina and chlorella.
If someone can't get fresh wheat grass, you can use wheat grass powder, barley grass powder and alfalfa grass powder or alfalfa herb. They're detoxifying, and they have vitamins and minerals. I usually, once a day during a fast, tell people to add some of these particular foods to their fruit smoothie.

Sea weeds are also good. You can get sea weed powders in the health food stores like Dulse or Kelp. I have many patients that have fasted using the nutritional yeast too. I've really seen the results when people have done a juice fast on just juices and a juice fast using super food powders.

BISER: You mean they feel a lot better.

SCHULZE: Well, they have a lot more energy when they do it on super foods - and it can also cause the body to purge and eliminate more. It builds the blood faster.

Heart patients need juice-fasting.

BISER: Some people say a heart patient should never do a fast. It would be a strain on the system.

SCHULZE: That's the first thing a heart patient should Do - a juice-fast. The first thing is stop eating, because 99 percent of the time the heart patient's blood cells are like mud and their coronary arteries are congested.
When the circulation is that bad, even becoming a vegetarian won't unclog the blood. You have to do a juice fast to thin the blood back to a healthy state.

BISER: What does it feel like when the blood is thick?

SCHULZE: When you feel very sluggish, you feel - full, bloated, not only in your digestion, but you run two blocks and you're sweating and you just feel full of fat.
You feel it. You feel like blood doesn't even want to pump around your body. You are breathing heavy. Then you stop eating - and it's just the greatest cure for anything, just stop eating. Stop eating food and get the juicer going.

How I helped my heart disease with long fasts.

BISER: I know from your beginnings that you weren't always such a believer in juice fasts?
SCHULZE: Oh no. I took lots of vitamins and mineral pills. I didn't realize that when you thin your blood, you improve your circulation to every capillary in your body.
So, I did my first fast and didn't expect much. But when I finished, I felt so much better, I said, "Wow, this is something that is much more powerful than anyone ever told me."

I remember, I did a fast for about a week. Then one for about ten days. Then I thought, okay, "I'm going to do a thirty-day fast and see what happens."

That was probably the biggest change that I had in my health, and this was early on, when I was living in New York, and I did that thirty-day fast. I think that after the first couple days, I never felt a heart palpitation from that point on. I never felt my heart dysfunctioning. It was like the missing link in my health program that I hadn't seen.

Then, about a year later, I did a two-month fast. That one was really life transforming to me. I have barely had a down day since then.

What I suggest to most of my patients is, two or three days fast in the middle of five days of raw foods, once a season. That's what my five day program is.

"But to anybody who came to me dying - when you're dealing with someone who has a life-threatening situation, stop all food. "

SCHULZE: Many of my patients walked in the door and they had done just about every program under the sun, and sometimes even all at once or almost at once, but they hadn't really fasted.
Many people are afraid to fast. They are afraid of the one treatment that can cure them. We have this old American idea, that we need to have that bacon and eggs breakfast to get us going, and, of course, that's one of the things that gets us dead. I always called that the heart attack plate.

BISER: I thought before I met you that juices were mainly a feel good, wellness kind of thing, but not powerful enough for serious diseases.

SCHULZE: Many people feel that way. I myself thought that way - until I started investigating the classic old healers.

BISER: So, this is the therapy that people never do?

SCHULZE: That's right. Everybody in America, we have this conveyor belt that's going from the health food store or the herb shop into our mouth, and we think, "Well, it's chromium and kola nut."

Or it's goldenseal. Or it's garlic. Or it's cayenne. Or it's a colonic. We're all looking for something more, but very few people actually stop eating. The old herbalists didn't have the juicers. Juicers weren't a common household item back then. But nowadays - everybody should have a juicer.

Food is the foundation of healing.

But doctors are unbelievable. According to them, drugs are the foundation of healing. And according to the healthfood people, vitamin tablets are. They're all wrong. Food is.

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Juice Fasting - Interview with Richard Schulze part 3
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